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 ModCalc Privacy Statement

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piątek, 19 grudnia 2014

Spy Cam MG and Spy Cam Lite

This apps allows you to record videos based on frames taken every one second or eten every one minute! That is why you can see what had happend during an hour by watching two minutes long video (recorded 1 frame per second)! It's amazing!

With Spy Cam MG or Spy Cam Lite you can see for exmaple what had happend when you were sleeping or when you were away. You can also record your car trip. Just place your device in a car holder and record your drive - it can be very helpful in case of an accident.

Spy Cam MG allows to:
- set up recording frame rate - from 5 frames per second to 1 frame per minute,
- choose quality,
- choose battery level at which app will stop recording.
- choose flash (torch) mode,
- add date and time information to every frame,
- use ECO mode - saves battery power during recording

What is more, all recored video are stored in standard iOS photo library, so you can watch them in photo viewer or you can copy them to your Mac or PC!

poniedziałek, 15 grudnia 2014

ModCalc capabilities

ModCalc is a modular arithmetic calculator designed for iOS. 

With ModCalc you can compute:

ModCalc 1.4 has arrived with support for iOS 8!

New version supports new iPhone models: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.